Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Speech enhancement on smartphone Voice Recording


Speech enhancement is a challenging task in audio signal processing to enhance the quality of targeted speech signal while suppressing other noises. In the beginning, the speech enhancement algorithm growth rapidly from spectral subtraction, Wiener filtering, spectral amplitude MMSE estimator to Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF). Smartphone as a revolutionary device now is being used in all aspect of life including journalism; personally and professionally. Although many smartphones have two microphones (main and rear) the only main microphone is widely used for voice recording. This is why the NMF algorithm widely used for this purpose of speech enhancement. This paper evaluates speech enhancement on smartphone voice recording by using some algorithms mentioned previously. We also extend the NMF algorithm to Kulback-Leibler NMF with supervised separation. The last algorithm shows improved result compared to others by spectrogram and PESQ score evaluation.

For full paper please download here (submitted to ICOPIA 2016). For Octave code (obtained from single source separation: mini tutorial), and latex code please refer to this link.

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