Monday, May 05, 2014

My Laptop Buying Experience

I am not the first person who bought laptop in my family. The first person is my sister, who bought her first laptop in early university time. I was shocked how can she buy the laptop, but I borrow it during my job training in the university.

My current laptop family: MBP, Xperia S, G580
My first laptop purchase was eMachine D725. In that time, the price is IDR 6000000. The story was started when I got scholarship from one of Bank from Indonesia government in late my university time. I add my saving account and ask my father to add too to buy the laptop as I do my final project for university graduation. I was pleased with the performance of D725. At the time of buying, it is preinstalled with Linpus, then I install Windows XP and finally Ubuntu 12.04 is the main OS till now.

FMV Biblo, the cheapest
The second purchase is Lenovo G580, my current main system. It is cheap (IDR 4500000 or JPY 43000) at the time of buying, rock and solid with a great performance. The preinstalled OS is Windows 7, then I installed Ubuntu in another side as main OS. With i7-3520 M Intel processor, the speed is fast enough. Other benefits which I get rid of this laptop are the big screen (15") and the ergonomic keyboard of ideapad.

Incidentally, I bought laptop Fujitsu FMV Biblo only JPY 1000 (IDR 110000) from yahoo auction. The old laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 and the performance is very slow, match to the price.. :)

The last is my lucky Macbook Pro which I bought from my friend. I accompany my friend to buy this macbook pro in Apple Store in Nagoya City, Japan.  A few months later, I buy it from him. The original price is about JPY 150000, and I bought it about half price. The 13" laptop with incredible performance and good looking.

So, how to choose laptop when you decide to buy the new one? According to me, there are two main factor I will be consider,
  • Processor: Should be i7 or higher with the fastest clock.
  • Battery: Should be more than 7 hours or more for single charging. 
And course there is economic principle too. Choose that gives the most economically  benefits. For example the cheapest one with the highest processor possible and longest battery life. However, if buy laptop as PC/Desktop (not for mobility), you can ignore the second factor because it will always connected to charger so it didn't need longer battery life.

You also can read my comparison between MBP Vs Lenovo G580 here (in Indonesian Language).

eMachines d725 running Ubuntu 12.04

After Unboxing MBP

Laptops Family: xPeria S, Fujistu, G580

G580 running Ubuntu 12.04
MBP running on Ubuntu 14.04
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