Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to obtain CoE from Kanazawa Immigration Buerau (Nagoya Branch) and send to your country

Here is a small note I made when applying for Certificate of Elibility in Kanazawa Immigration office (branch of Nagoya Immigration office).

List of document (as described by Immigration office web site):
  1. Application Form for Certificate of Eligibility (available on the Immigration Bureau website).
  2. Proof of applicant’s relationship with the student. One of the following documents indicating the relation under the student’s country’s laws: A copy of an applicant’s family register, marriage certificate for spouse, and/ or birth certificate for children.
  3. A copy of the student’s Residence Card or a copy of his/her passport
  4. Proof that the student will be able to support his/her family throughout their stay in Japan. 
    1. Privately financed students should submit their bank statement indicating balance of deposit or a duplicate copy of remittance from home country. 
    2. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship students should submit Certificate of Monbukagakusho Scholarship Student.
  5. Certificate of Studentship issued.
  6. 1 photo (4cm×3cm) of each family member taken within 3 months of the day of application
  7. A self-addressed envelope affixed with a 392-yen stamp (for the recorded delivery purpose)
Note: In some cases, additional documents will be requested by the Immigration Bureau.

List document I submitted

Based on the list above, I submitted the following documents:
  1. Application form, filled.
  2. Copy of Marriage certificate.
  3. Copy of resident card (zaryu kaado, 在留カード)
  4. Monbukagakusho scholarship certificate, obtained from University, International student section (signed by President of Univ.).
  5. Certificate of studentship, obtained from educational affair system, JAIST.
  6. Photo 4x3 cm of dependent (not your photo).
  7. Small envelope, 11x 22 cm, with 392 yen stamp (You can buy there).


名古屋入国管理局 金沢出張所
Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau, Kanazawa Branch Office
Address: 1F, Kanazawa Ekinishi Joint Government building, Sainen 3-4-1
(Google Map Click here)
Tel: 076-222-2450
Open:    9am  ~  12pm  and  1pm  ~  4pm  Monday  to  Friday  (closed  on  Saturdays,  Sundays,  and  national holidays)

It is about 20 minutes walking from Kanazawa station, west exit gate, go straight, the immigration office is on the right side after Lawson.

Processing time:

Three weeks exactly, if you submit your document on wednesday, you will receive your CoE on next three wednesday.

[IMPORTANT]: How to send CoE to your country

In Japan, when you send document to another country, the most convenient is by Japan Post (JP). However, the staff will offer to use ordinarily package (普通, futsuu) and, based on JP estimation, will reach destination about 6 days. Don't use it if you are in hurry, because it takes longer time. For mine, it is about three weeks to reach my country (Surabaya city, Indonesia). Use EMS service, the cost is about JPY 1400 and it is delivered in three days.
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