Thursday, June 13, 2013

Connected Learning: Coding is for Everybody

Nowadays, coding is basic skills needed not only by programmer, but also by people from whole area of life. Others said, coding supports the development of 21st century learning skills. New York City major also announced that he is learning to code now [1]. So, what make us unlearn this new skill? Whatever learning method you use, by formal education in university or by gaining sources from the internet, let's try the steps to learn coding proposed by Connected Learning Community [2].


The first step in coding is creating. How to create a program? Usually it shows “Hello Word”. This first process itself is a step to the thousand steps of learning and there's something very powerful about learning through making, producing, building and creating. It's not just coding for the sake of coding [3]. We're coding because there's something they want to create, and the first step in coding itself is creating. Don't postpone to create our first app and there are a lot of programming language available to use, some of them are very easy and user friendly.


When you care about something, it's very motivating as opposed to "Tell me what I have to do". Instead of it, let's personalize our program. Some programming langueage (for example scratch [4]) is designed to make coding accessible and appealing to people of all different backgrounds and interests. What are some of the diverse ways young people are creating with coding?


The next step after personalizing is sharing. If personalizing shows about our mind, sharing will gives evaluation for us. Creating and sharing are in terms of having an audience (creating for people), and but also having collaborators (creating with people). Contrary to popular conception, coding can be a social activity. How are youth sharing, remixing, collaborating, and commenting on one another's projects in the online community? The open community not only will support our coding skill, but it also develops our skill in light speed than we close our code just for our selves.


Finally, when coding, it's important not only to dive in and create, but also to step back and reflect. What can we share about our experiences coding -- and learning ? it gives us new ways of thinking about your own thinking.
So, what we are waiting for? Let's learn to code: create, personalize, share and reflect!


  1. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course,

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