Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Manuscript preparation workflow

Here is my manuscript preparation workflow:

1. Spellcheck
I use gEdit for my (latex) writing, it has built-in spellcheck (install via `sudo apt install aspell-en`, if
it doesn't appear like below).
gEdit spell check

2. Grammar check
For free, I use textidote. For the paid version, I used Grammarly (also available for free with limited capability). Read this link on how to use textidote (in Indonesian language, right click > translate to English if you use Google Chrome). Another tool is proselint.

3. Common error detector

4. John Blake's error detector

5. John Blake's Feature Detector
Language feature detectors can be used to assess how similar your text is in terms of these features compared to texts in your target publication.

6. Vocabulary profiler
Submit the text of your paper to see a breakdown of the percent of easy words, academic words, and specialist words.  A typical research paper has around 60% of easy words (K1) and between 10-15% words on the academic word list (AWL).

7. Ask a colleague/advisor/friend to proofread/revise it
Although I mention automatic web tools in steps 1-6 above, still, human judgment is needed. A colleague or advisor or friend will provide better manual correction of our manuscript.

8. Plagiarism checker (optional)
I don't have it. But my institution use ithenticate, which is very expensive. Another way is by copy-pasting some paragraphs into Google and see how it is similar to another article.
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