Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Eight Steps to Structuring an Academic Paper

The following tips are my version of "11 steps to structuring a science paper". I revised it from 11 to 8 because of the following reasons.
  1. It makes sense to draft the topic (concretely a title) before starting to structuring the paper.
  2. After drafting a title, it is necessary to draft an abstract along with the keywords to plan what we want to write. These abstract and keywords will guide and give an overview of the overall content of the paper.
  3. I dropped the writing reference. It should be done automatically via BibTeX. Acknowledgment is not necessary unless your research receive funding or important helps from other researchers/agencies.
Here you are.

Note after finishing writing a compelling introduction, you didn't finish your paper yet. You need to revise it many times, mine usually about ten times. In revising, you should follow the order of your paper, from Title to Reference.

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