Friday, September 09, 2022

Installing TexLive 2022 on Ubuntu 22.04 under Multipass

Multipass is a game changer. It looks like a virtual environment for python or a virtual box for OS, but for Ubuntu instances only (the hosts can be Windows and MacOS). This short writing documented my effort to enable the installation of TexLive 2022 for adding IEEE header and footer for camera-ready APSIPA 2022.

Host environment

bagus@L140MU:~$ snap --version
snap    2.56.2
snapd   2.56.2
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.15.0-46-generic
bagus@L140MU:~$ multipass --version
multipass   1.10.1
multipassd  1.10.1


1. Install multipass (refer to this link for detail).
2. Create an instance with Jammy (Ubuntu 22.04)
multipass launch jammy --disk 10G 
Launched: famed-chaffinch

2. Login to Jammy's shell (change the name of instance)
 multipass shell famed-chaffinch
3. Update Jammy
 sudo apt update
4. Install texlive and required packages
sudo apt install texlive-base texlive-fonts-extra texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-publisher
5. Try on the desired latex template
$ wget
$ sudo apt install unzip
$ unzip
$ cd APSIPA_ASC_2022_Template/Latex
$ pdflatex PaperSample_Guideline_tex.tex
Output written on PaperSample_Guideline_tex.pdf (3 pages, 126525 bytes).
Transcript written on PaperSample_Guideline_tex.log.
That's all. For 20.04, it will throw to an infinite recursion loop due to the lower fancy version. The only solution is to install newer Latex on Ubuntu 22.04 under multipass. For real cases, you may need to mount your local directory (which contains TEX files) to an instance with `multipass mount`.
$ multipass mount $HOME famed-chaffinch
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