Sunday, November 29, 2015

Public Lecture on Hearing Technology

On Thursday and Friday, 26-27 November 2015, we held public lecture on Hearing Technology. The first day, Prof. Jenkins from Colorado University shares about technology that helping world to better hearing. The following presentation is Prof. Jenkins' slide. While on the second day, Prof. Barajas, the president of International Association of Physician in Audiology (IAPA) teach us about the brain and electrical response in our auditory system. Enjoy it.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Acoustic & Sound Engineer Training 2015

ASET (Acoustic and Sound Engineering Training) merupakan salah satu agenda diantara beberapa kegiatan ITB insight 2015. Materi ASET 2015 ini adalah sebagai berikut:
  1. Hearing Music
  2. Hearing Music in Different Environment
  3. Small Room Acoustics
  4. Music Production
Bagian keempat inilah sebenarnya esensi dari ASET 2015 ini. Pak Jack dari UPH Jakarta yang juga seorang praktisi sound engineer menjelaskan dengan gamblang tentang proses produksi music mulai dari gambaran proses produksi, pra produksi, produksi/recording dan paska produksi. Gambar 1 atas adalah screenshot software Reaper, sebuah DAW (digital audio work station) yang digunakan dalam ASET kali ini. Berikut adalah resume singkat tentang keempat tahapan produksi tersebut.

Screenshot Reaper 5.1, DAW yang digunakan pada ASET 2015

1. Gambaran proses produksi suara

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Combining Todo-Indicator with Dropbox

Todo-indicator is  indicator applet for todo list written as todo.txt. You can find more about todo-indicator in Github page here. For you who used more than one PC, or using  laptops and PCs, there is way to sync our todo list among our  computers by using Dropbox. Yes, instead of writing our  todo.txt in home directory, we can write it in Dropbox/todo.txt.

Screenshot of todo indicator in my Ubuntu PC

Here are my resume on combining todo-indicator with Dropbox (already installed):
  1. Download zipped file of to-do indicator from Github here move it to home(~).
  2. Make file todo.txt in ~/Drobpox/todo.txt
  3. Run todo-indicator command in Startup application
  4. /home/bagus/Todo-Indicator/ Dropbox/todo.txt
  5. Add todo list with echo command, echo "let's do it" >> Dropbox/todo.txt
I already used it for more than two years after switching from sticky notes to other todo list apps to do improve my productivity.
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