Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Git Undo

Tulisan ini adalah kelanjutan dari tulisan sebelumnya tentang bekerja dalam tim dengan Git disini. By default, git tidak memiliki fitur git undo karena sebenarnya fitur utama dari git adalah kemampuannya untuk meng-undo secara tak terbatas. Cara meng-undo-nya bergantung pada treatment apa yang sudah anda lakukan: mengundo commit, atau kembali pada versi sebelumnya (misal: karena anda tidak puas pada versi sekarang). Berikut caranya.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bern, Interlaken, Spiez and Fribourg

This is my second cross-country Europe tour after the second one visited Skocjan Cave in Slovenia. Although I have already visited Europe several times to ICTP Trieste, the previous tour only sightseeing in local Trieste: the piazza, canal grande, the Grotta Gigante cave and the similar. Once I have a chance for longer time, I planned this Europe tour to Switzerland, a rich country in central Europe.


The reason for choosing Switzerland is that I want to visit my friends there, combined to have an excursion to some interesting places. I depart from Trieste by train via this route: Triste - Venice - Verona - Milan, it cost Eur 31. The train available for every hour and I departed at 17.15. It takes six hours from Trieste to the Milan plus some delay caused by the rain. The next is to get a bus to Chiasso from Milan, but it is not so easy. The problem is that I have arrived at Milan on 0 O'clock midnight, the only bus will go on 00.45 and the bus stop still unclear at the time. Once failed, I will have a long delay because the next train to Chiasso is only available in the morning, 7 a.m. After several times searching (it took almost 30 minutes to the bus stop), we find it and the bus is coming at 00.41, leaving Milano Centrale about 00.43, 2 minutes earlier. The following is location and map of Bus stop 236A to Chiasso from Milan.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Neural Network with R: A concept [1]

This article is the English version of this article. It is based on Lecture by Roger Barlow given at ICTP Trieste on #DataTrieste17. The image belows show Roger explaining some fundamentals concept of Neural Network at ICTP class.

Neural network is one of the earlier and most developed artificial intelligence. The purpose of the computer, i.e., internet is to differ the picture between cats and dog, or between camel and dromedary.  The human brain is very good at recognising which is which. We can easily detect if the shown picture is camel of dromedary. But, how about computer? Can computer distinguish the image of camel and dromedary? Here is how the neural net works.

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