Saturday, March 28, 2020

New article every weekend?

Time is short, writing is hard, and papers are long.
-Write it Up, p. 3

Writing is hard, everyone agrees on this statement. But, what about statement "Everyone can write"? Most people will disagree with that statement. Yes, while all students in higher education (undergraduate and above) must submit their thesis to obtain their degree, not all of them being a writer after it. Writing is important in all aspects of life. It is a basic skill to survive in the modern era. Without it, someone will suffer to explain their idea, their thinking. Yes, writing is thinking (another thinking is speaking), As quoted by a page in a book below, writing is a way to communicate our thinking to others. The better we communicate our idea, our thinking, the easier it will be accepted by people.

Writing is thinking, from a book: The craft of research

Why Writing?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Apa bedanya training, validasi, development dan test set ?

Dalam sebuah seminar/konferensi ilmiah, saya bertanya kepada pemateri: Kenapa data yang dipakai untuk validasi dan test sama? Menurut beliau, istilah validasi dan test dalam machine learning sama. Menurut saya ini salah. Data validasi tidak boleh dipakai untuk test (karena tentu saja, hasilnya akan lebih bagus). Data validasi sama dengan data development, keduanya, validation dan development, merupakan istilah yang sama untuk "tuning model" dari hasil training.

Partisi data Training, Validasi, dan Test (sumber gambar: disini)

Merujuk pada StackOverflow:
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