Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Tools for Academic Writing in 2023

When writing a scientific paper, I use several tools below to boost and speed up my writing process. Hence, I only need two weeks to a month to complete the first version of my manuscript (after the experiment has been conducted). Two tools are paid: Copilot and Grammarly. Before going down to the list below, you may also be interested in my resources for academic writing - word concordance [1]. For last year's tool (2022), specializing on both research and paper writing instead of paper writing only, you can check it here [2].

  1. Mendeley (the old desktop version, not the new reference manager, to create a BIB file automatically)
  2. Grammarly (vscode plugin)
  3. Latex Workshop (vscode plugin)
  4. Copilot (vscode plugin)
  5. ChatGPT (to ask questions)
By using these tools, I DON'T need to:
  • Create bibliography manually
  • Sometimes, write all sentences in paragraphs since Copilot will do it.
  • Check the grammar manually.
  • Create Table, Figure, and Equation manually in Latex (thanks to Latex Workshop).
Other tools (unexplored well, in progress for adaptation)
  1. (tool to explain any hard-to-understand terms/sentences in a paper)
  2. (like ChatGPT, but with reference)
  3. LTeX – LanguageTool grammar/spell checking (alternative to Grammarly, free)


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