Monday, September 11, 2023

Changing Background of MOC Player to Transparent

The default background of MOC player (mocp) is ugly, see figure below. To change the default background of mocp, we can  do two steps below.

Step 1: Add theme to MOC configuration file in ~/.moc/config

XTermTheme = transparent-background
Step 2: Change file permission (to not allow other tha n user, group, to write)
$ chmod g-w ~/.moc/config/
That command will remove the permission of group (g) to write (-w).
List of available (default) themes:
  • black_theme
  • green_theme
  • red_theme
  • darkdot_theme
  • moca_theme
  • transparent-background
  • example_theme
  • nightly_theme
  • yellow_red_theme

The figures below show the change of theme from default to transparent-background.


MOC Player default theme
After (with Terminal's Solarized theme)
MOC Player transparent theme
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