Appealing points:

Point.01: Working fast, from idea to implementations

Point.02: Strong technical details, from  data analytic, algorithm, hardware, and sofware

Point.03: Good writing skills, 372 citations with 11 h-index of GScholar per May 2023 


AIRC AIST (2021 - Now)
Currently, I am a research fellow with the Artificial Intelligence Research Center, AIST Tsukuba. I belong to the signal processing research team there.  In this position, my duty is to perform research on speech emotion recognition using the Japanese speech corpus. The project is funded by NEDO. The output of the project is expected to be academic publications and data-driven models to predict emotion from speech run on the ABCI supercomputer.

VibrasticLab (2014 - Now)
I am also affiliated with Vibrastic Lab, Dept. of Engineering Physics, Institute Tech. of Sepuluh Nopember as a lecturer, researcher, and engineer. We serve wide services from vibration analysis to Acoustics, including room speech processing, acoustics, noise control, lighting systems, fault detection, and many more. Please contact us (bagus[at]ep.its.ac.id) for further details.

SainsHack.com (2014-Now)
I have been the editor of SainsHack.com since 2014. SainsHack is a web-based scientific magazine aimed at the easiness of understanding scientific articles in simple Indonesian language. This project is one way to develop science literacy in Indonesia. Given the large population, educating people is not an easy job, and it is not only the duty of the Government. This voluntary project aims to tackle that obstacle.

Shimizu Seisakusho (2012-2014)
I worked in the manufacturing industry as an engineer for two years and three months in Shimizu Seisakusho, a customer of Honda H-One, Suzuka City, Japan. There, I do welding operations, press machine maintenance, and quality control for metal part components. From all I learned there, I am interested in implementing 3S (seiri, seiton, seishou) to organize the workplace as well as Kaizen (continuous improvement) and hanzei (self-evaluation) to improve productivity.

Workshop attended

Some Past Projects

  1. SysAdmin, Diklat Sistem Informasi Manajemen Musrenbang Kabupaten Sangatta, Kutai Timur, 2010
  2. Audit Energi PT. Pertamina TBBM Sanggaran - Bali, Desember 2014
  3. Audit Energi PT. Pertamina TBMM Manggis - Bali, Februari 2015
  4. Pengukuran RPM Motor mesin pengaduk di Sidoarjo, April 2015
  5. Pengukuran RPM dan Kontrol Temperatur, September 2015
  6. Web development of www.vibrastic.ep.its.ac.id, September 2015
  7. Noise mapping JOB-PPEJ, Bojonegoro, Oktober 2015
  8. Thermography (thermal imaging analysis), KDL, 2016
  9. Ground vibration measurement, Tunjungan area, Surabaya, 2016
  10. Railbound & Railway Noise, Juli – December 2016
  11. Scribe on Hazard & Operability Study (HAZOP) of Offsite Facility & Utility Facility RDMP Project RU V Balikpapan, June - July 2017.

    Technical skills

    My primary skills are in speech processing, both in research and teaching. The following are my other competencies.

    Basic Scientific Computing with Python
    I am a Software Carpentry certified instructor. I developed my own curriculum to teach basic scientific computing with Python (Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib). One of my web-based lessons for scientific computing (based on the SW carpentry lesson) is available here: python-tutorial.

    Basic Unix/Linux Shell
    I learned Unix/Linux shell in both formal (workshop) and informal (self-taught) ways. (Bash) shell is very powerful, and it can increase your productivity in scientific computing. I made my lesson here (in the Indonesian language): shell-tutorial.

    Academic Writing: Proofread and Training
    As a researcher and lecturer, my main job is to publish my research. The academic writing style is different from other English writing. I have experience in making academic writing style from non-academic style (most of us use this style, including this writing). I'd love to share my experience in writing for publication. When it comes to academic writing, using Latex is a must. I made my own (very-short) Latex tutorial in this repository: https://github.com/bagustris/tutorial-latex.

    Professional Consultation
    I provide free and paid consultations. The free consultation is for my students (on my campus duty) and others (without time limitation; ask me via the email below). The paid consultation is a dedicated time (limited) to solve YOUR problems. Here is my current rate:
    • Small project (undergraduate, master project, and similar): USD 30/hour
    • Big project (Ph.D., commercial, and the similar): USD 60/hour
    I will judge whether your problem is small or big (generally, it is based on the purpose: for commercial/Ph.D. or not). The time to finish the project is based on my raw estimation and will be adjusted at the end of the project.

    Note that for academic-related projects, I intended to help with the problems in your project (errors in coding, logic, and algorithms), not build your project from scratch. Hence, you will contact me with your solution and the error; I will try my best to solve the error.

    I usually give a discount of 25% for the first project.
    Contact me [btatmaja[at]gmail.com] for further details.
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