Monday, March 26, 2012

Kasugai Masjid (Kasugai Islamic Centre)

The third masjid I visited in Japan is Kasugai Masjid or Kasugai Islamic Center. Kasugai masjid is located in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The detail address is below,

English address: Aichi-Prefecture 1382 Kagiyacho Kasugai shi (Postal Code:480-0304)
Japanese address: 〒480-0304愛知県春日井市神屋町1382

This Masjid is our base camp during "Kumamoto Masjid Project Campaign" in Nagoya. Totally, we visits six Masjids around Nagoya city, and this masjid is one of the beautiful places.

The following is some pictures of this Masjid. Please visits this Masjid if you have time in Aichi Ken or Nagoya-shi.

Interior of Kasugai Masjid
Indo Curry Halal Food, near Kasugai Masjid.

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