Friday, March 16, 2012

Dar Al-Arqam (Asakusa) Mosque, Central Tokyo, Japan

While in Asakusa Kanno Temple (Sensou-ji), in the left you'll see the famous Tokyo sky tree, and on the right, the red temple was seen handsomely. That's Asakuksa, one of the famous place in Tokyo, Japan. But, where is the mosque?

This is second Masjid I visited in Japan namely Darul Arqam or Dar Al-Arqam Masjid. Dar Al-Arqam Masjid, located in central Tokyo was established in 1998. The four story building has a library on its ground floor which has a variety of books in various languages. 

Major activities of the Dar al Arqam Masjid are :
  • Five times Salat , salatul Jumma, Salatul Taraweeh 
  • Performing Nikkah (marriage) 
  • Library 
  • Shahdah & issuance of Shahada certificate 
  • Quran classes for children & Adults 
  • Janazah & Gussl of Mayyah (Gusul of dead bodies)
Information regarding Dar Al-Arqam Masque (Masjid)

111-0025,Tokyo, Taito-ku, 1-9-12 Higashi Asakusa.
Tel: 81-3-3871-6061 Fax: 81-3-3871-6062

Br. Ehsan (in 2011)
Mobile : 090-7256-3528

Nearest Metro Stations:
  1. Minami Senju ....Hibya line. & Jr Joban line ..13 minutes walk or 6 minutes by bus 
  2. Asakusa ….Ginza line….13 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus
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