Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pesta Rakyat Indonesia 2013 in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture

In January 4th, 2013, Indonesian community in Mie Prefecture hold a party which is called "Pesta Rakyat Indonesia 2013". This event was presented to celebrate the new year of 2013 as well as the communication forum for Indonesian life in Mie or in Japan generally. What make it different with the other Indonesian festival, just indexing annual Indonesia festival in Nagoya, the Indonesian party in Yokkaichi show most of Indonesian band performed by some Indonesian trainee (kensyusei) in whole Japan. Some cultural dances also were performed in this event including tari Betawi, Jaipong, Bali and others. 

Music Perfomance in Pesta Rakyat Indonesia 2013, Yokkaichi

As local Indonesian event in Japan, this Indonesian party successively made Indonesian people to come to Yokkaichi. However, the limitation of time in preparing the event make the organization of the event (Ori Management) not to perfectly shown the distinguish Indonesian show. Some mistakes was occurred in stage by some band personnel and by dancer. Located in Yokkaichi bunka kaikan, the place was the perfect stage. By paying 1000 yen, the people are welcome to this event, especially for Indonesian who wants to meet other Indonesians in Yokkaichi. Some Japanese and other nations are also present in that time.

As planned by the event organizer as annual party, you can see this event for next year calendar. The picture below is one of performance from Indonesian trainee singing an Indonesian song. You can also view the offline recording of this event via youtube in this link:

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