Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Facebook Via Command Line

As one of the fans of command line interface (CLI), there are some application running on my terminal. One of them is fbcmd or facebook command line. By this application we can update status, view stream, upload photos and many more as we can do in facebook via website application.

Here are step-by-step to install and use facebook via command line (from Ubuntu OS-based). All is via command line or termial.
  1. sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curl
  2. cd && wget
  3. php fbcmd_update.php
  4. sudo php fbcmd_update.php sudo
  5. php fbcmd_update.php install
  6. fbcmd go access #this will open new tab on your browser to ask permission accessing your facebook account
  7. fbcmd go auth #If you agree, choose generate and this will generade CODE for you
  8. fbcmd auth CODE   #replace the CODE with the code from the previous step
  9. fbcmd addperm
  10. fbcmd
Those are all steps! By "fbcmd" command you can see list of available command such to update your status, upload photos, comments and other. The screenshot below show "fbcmd stream" on my terminal and example of updated status via command line (courtesy of webupd).

Facebook via command line

Updated Status via Command Line (Picture Credit By Webupd8)

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