Thursday, November 19, 2015

Combining Todo-Indicator with Dropbox

Todo-indicator is  indicator applet for todo list written as todo.txt. You can find more about todo-indicator in Github page here. For you who used more than one PC, or using  laptops and PCs, there is way to sync our todo list among our  computers by using Dropbox. Yes, instead of writing our  todo.txt in home directory, we can write it in Dropbox/todo.txt.

Screenshot of todo indicator in my Ubuntu PC

Here are my resume on combining todo-indicator with Dropbox (already installed):
  1. Download zipped file of to-do indicator from Github here move it to home(~).
  2. Make file todo.txt in ~/Drobpox/todo.txt
  3. Run todo-indicator command in Startup application
  4. /home/bagus/Todo-Indicator/ Dropbox/todo.txt
  5. Add todo list with echo command, echo "let's do it" >> Dropbox/todo.txt
I already used it for more than two years after switching from sticky notes to other todo list apps to do improve my productivity.

add todo-indicator command to Startup application

Show todo list in terminal

Because I am working on terminal frequently, it is important for me to automatically show my todo list every time I open the (gnome-)terminal. To achieve this goal, I add the following command on my ~/.bashrc,
cat Dropbox/todo.txt
That's all.
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