Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Life is competition, Let's do the best to be the winner..

That is my favorite words, my goal in my life, to do the best, even be the winner...

Because we live in a very competitive world. Everybody seems to be competing with someone at some level. Each week we spend hours playing or watching others compete in sporting activities all over the world. We cannot help being impressed by the level of excellence that these people achieve.

In all aspect, for example in sport and business, competition encourages excellence in performance. Where there is no competition, improvement in performance is less likely. We have lived through an era where governments have held monopolies in business. With no competition from free enterprise, services deteriorate. Monopolies create sloppy business practices, less innovation and higher prices. Business performs better with competition. Costs and prices decrease. Some level of competition is necessary in all aspects of life.

We are not in competition with any other person

The God creates us different each other. But, every one has the same chance to be success in his or her world. So we do not have to compare ourselves with others. We do not have to become discouraged because we think that someone else is better than we are in a particular area. The essence of our being is equal to that of any other person.There is only one person that can fulfill our role and that is us. This means that others cannot beat us to the finish line because there is no race. This is not to say that others do not have a similar role to us, but it is never the same. This is important to understand if we are going to enjoy life. Every human being is unique and cannot be duplicated. In this, I am not referring to the body, only to the spirit, soul, or the essence of a person.

Duck will never become an eagle.

No matter how but the duck would only be masquerading as an eagle. The measure of its creation is to be a duck. It does not have the killer instinct of the eagle, nor its eyesight or speed. It is not and never will be carrion, i.e., a dead meat eater. It does not eat the flesh of dead or dying animals. Its diet is mainly plant life.The middle ground is, “No, the duck will never become an eagle but it will become a better duck.” Well, maybe, but would it not be better for the duck to go to the duck school where it can be taught how to become a better duck? There would be no acting then. The duck would be learning how to fulfill the measure of its creation.What duck wants to kill? Who says the duck has to be an eagle anyway? This presupposes that the eagle is superior to the duck. In some ways it may be. In other ways it is not. It depends on where you are. The eagle may be faster in the air but the duck is faster in the water. In the world of birds, all are necessary. Each playing their role, so it is with humanity.As the maxim says, “Whatever thou art, act well thy part.” We all are a part of the whole and you cannot have the whole without all of its parts.It seems to me that we can view life in at least two ways. Firstly there is a grand design to our creation and we play an important role in this design. If so, no other person can fulfill our role. Every thing and every person has a place and a purpose. This is what makes us unique amongst all of creation.An alternative theory is that life is a series of accidents. Things happen randomly without rhyme or reason. Where you are positioned is the luck of the draw. It is either good luck or bad luck. You do not have any control over life. You just wait for the next accident to occur.The word ‘accident’ had to have been invented by someone who could not explain or understand why a certain thing occurred. Accidents never just happen, they are caused. If you do not know the cause of an event or were not expecting  it to happen then you label it an accident or a coincidence. Life takes on a new meaning when we come to know that there are no accidents, only experiences. There is a grand design for our existence and we do have control over much of what we do, therefore make a decision to live life with excitement and energy and join the maxers.

Lets's do the best, to be the winner..
Because life is competition...

It has been started from elementary school that I was being in competition, in competition of TPA, cerdas cermat and many other till now. You can check my progress on participating in competition in my publication page.

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