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Sendai Masjid, Miyagi Ken, Japan

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Sendai Masjid is the home of Islamic Cultural Center of Sendai. Muslims of Sendai are establishing the ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTER OF SENDAI (ICCS) to promote the Islamic culture. It is a non-political, non-racial, non-profitable and voluntary organization.

Objectives of ICCS are:
  1. Promotion of friendship among Muslims and between Muslims and Japanese. 
  2. Introducing Islam and cultural exchange to Japanese and other cultural organizations. 
  3. Intensifying the Islamic faith and knowledge of the Muslims. 
  4. Solving different problems of Muslims. 
  5. Teaching Koran and languages.
  6. Cooperation with ISLAMIC CENTER OF JAPAN (TOKYO) as well as other Islamic organizations.
Acces Map

More detail on how to go to Sendai Masjid:

  • The nearest bus stop (just in front of the Masjid location)
  • The name of the bus stop:   Hachiman 7 chome bus stop (八幡七丁目)

  • The schedule (time table) of this bus stop is in the following link:
  • The busses numbers: 840, 840, 845, 850, 855, 860, 866  are those who come from  Sendai Station (bus pool number 10)
  • Hereby is the schedule (time table) of the bus pool number 10 Sendai Station

  • Route from bus stop to Sendai Masjid

    Link of Masjid location in google maps --> click here.
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