Thursday, September 06, 2012

Solve Screen Flickering on Android ICS Transformer Prime

After updating android 2.3 ginger bread to 4.0 icecream sandwich, I got a problem on my transformer. I am not alone, but other prime users also experienced it. After trying some solution, I find the following cold booting can solve screen flickering on prime, at least for temporary.

First, to cold boot, shut down your tablet completely: with the tablet still on, press power and hold it for 2 or 3 seconds until you get the "Power down" prompt. Tap ok to shut down. Don't plug it into computer, or unplug it if it is connected to computer. Make sure to dock it on the keyboard if you have (TF101, TF201, TF300, TF 700). Once the tablet is off, hold on the "volume down" control, it is placed on the side furthest away from the power button. Without releasing it, press and hold the power button and please don't push or release either button. Do it in 10 seconds until you see two icons pop up in the middle of the screen i.e Wipe data and Android.

If there is no two icons, you did the wrong cold boot and it is not entering cold boot yet. Do it again until you see two icons appear and release the button after it. The screen flicker now is gone. However, if you still experience screen flicker, try to remove some application like opera, dropbox or others on which screen flicker was occurred when you run those application.

Based my experience on using Ubuntu linux on PC, this problem is related on Linux kernel as the core of Android OS.
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