Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hanami: A Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan

Hanami (花見) is a "flower viewing" party that is a common sight in Japan during spring, particularly during the short period when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Some photos on this page showing about Hanami in Kairaku koen (park), Tsu - Mie to see beautiful blossoms this 2013 spring.

Hanami in Kairaku Park, Tsu City
The concept is very simple: We find a good spot for looking at the trees -- ideally right underneath them -- and have a party. Many parties consist of snack foods, a yakiniku-style barbecue grill plus some raw meat, and topped off with plenty of drinks. This time, I go to with my friend to Kairaku koen. Suddenly, there is rain when we reached there, so we just enjoying hanami in a small cafe (food stall) with coffee, juice, takoyaki, and Japanese food.

As I did, there will also be snack food and drinks available at food stalls in the more popular parks. Groups generally pick a spot and "reserve" it by putting a large blue plastic sheet over the area with their name on it. Sometimes people do this well in advance as prime spots in the most popular areas are hard to come by.

Hanami parties tend to continue well into the night, at which point the name sometimes changes to yozakura (夜桜).

Sakura on both sides

White Sakura

Rainy Hanami, when I visited Kairaku koen

A pond in Kairaku koen, close to Tsu eki

Finally, if you want to make hanami and visit Kairaku koen, just drop in Tsu station, Kintetsu exit, walk about 10 minutes (just ask the people around you about the direction), and you will find the Kairaku koen with an old locomotive in front of it.

Article source: Miejets, photos by me
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