Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Kameyama Park

Kameyama park (亀山公園 Kameyama Kōen) is the main park in Kameyama city, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is very close to the Kameyama Castle, City Hall and the station. A large expanse of land situated just north of Kameyama Castle. The park consists several play areas, a small lake and a massive garden that is a sight to behold during hanami and late spring when the flowers bloom. There is also a massive grass field on the northwestern edge of the park which is perfect for sports. This park is also home to arguably the best slide in the prefecture; two story iron giant complete with a corkscrew.

Access to the park is rather simple: make your way to Kameyama Castle and turn left on the road that separates the castle with Nishi Elementary and you are there.

Today I have islamic study there with Mie-Indonesian Muslim family, and below is pictures of our activity. Enjoy!! .

Addional source: Mie Jets
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