Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How-to: Write a Research/Study Plan

Planning a research is the first step to authoring a Ph.D. The next steps are drafting, writing and finishing a doctoral thesis or dissertation. However, the first step is the most important. We'll never walk through 1000 steps if we don't walk on the first step. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Right..?

So, let's start. The research plan should include as following order;
  1. Theme (one sentence, almost the same as the title)
  2. Backgrounds (problems, previous reports for each problem, advantage/disadvantage of the previous research (if not separated in "previous work", remaining problems, final target)
  3. Purpose (your tackling problem (what/why), a main goal (a single purpose that must be achieved), sub-goals (should be achieved) to achieve the main goal)
  4. Methodology (how to achieve each subgoal, how to combine these to achieve the final purpose)
  5. Expected results and contributions.
That's all that I got from my supervisor here. Great! So, let's move to the next step.
Life is getting started. Move dynamically!
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