Monday, August 23, 2021

How-to: Install jedi-vim in python 2.7


  • Although nowadays python3 becomes standard, in some servers the default python is still python2.7 (mostly RHEL servers).
  • Using vim (or emacs) in remote works is a must. You may use GUI, but the setup is more complicated than CLI.
  • Using vim without plugins is hard. We should use a minimum number of plugins. The most important plugin is code completion.
  • Humans make errors inevitably. Code completion prevents typos.

Based on those rationales, this is one line command to install jedi-vim (including jedi itself!) in python 2.7.

git clone --recursive --branch 0.9.0 ~/.vim/bundle/jedi-vim
Note: you need to install vim-pathogen first to allow plugin installation via "bundle" directory.
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