Monday, August 16, 2021

Install sox locally in cluster without root

This time, I can't install homebrew in (AIST) cluster as I previously did in JAIST cluster. Here are steps to documents how to install SoX, one of the most important library in sound processing, locally in cluster. I tried these steps in

# download sox package, in this case

# extract sox package
tar xvfz sox-14.4.2.tar.gz

# change to extracted sox directory
cd sox-14.4.2

# configure in local directory, I used $HOME
./configure --prefix=$HOME

# make

# make install
make install
Then check it by its version
[user13432@es2 ~]$ sox --version
sox:      SoX v14.4.2
You may also need to update $PATH to make it works in your enviroment.
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