Monday, September 30, 2013

How-to: Maximize Battery Life of Smartphone and Tablet

  1. Use black wallpaper
  2. If don't have one, you can use mine here.
  3. Set low brightness
  4. In Android: Setting >> Display >> Brightness
  5. Use no animation
  6. In Android: Setting >> Display >> Animation >> No Animation
  7. Take the shortest time to turn off screen when inactive
  8. In Android: Setting >> Display >> Screen timeout >> 15 seconds
  9. Disable sound or keep in vibrate mode in some condition
  10. lower your volume button or hold the power button and select silent mode
  11. Disconnect wifi when screen turns off
  12. In Android: Setting >> Wireless and Network >> Wifi Setting >> [option] Advanced >> Disconnect wifi when the screen turns off
  13. Install battery saver app
  14. I use JuiceDefender and Go Power Saver 

Those are my tips and tricks to maximize battery life based on my experience using several tablets and smartphones e.q: Lenovo IdeaPad A5, Asus Transformer Prime TF-201, Sony Xperia Tab S, Dell Streak Pro, Creative Ziio, Sharp Aquos 101, and Motorola Razr. The following is screenshot of my tablet Asus Transformer using black wallpaper to save battery, and it also shown the icon of battery saver application JuiceDefender.

Screenshot of my tablet: Transformer TF-201

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