Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unsolved Ubuntu Problem: /dev/sda* was not cleanly mounted + sulogin: cannot open pasword database!

Today I got error while entering my Ubuntu 12.04 OS. The error was caused bya "/dev/sda5 was not cleanly unmounted, check forced". The last program I used is ext2fs for Windows 7 when I am booting on Windows OS. That is may caused on my harddisk, or may be another reason resulting problem on my Ubuntu booting process. Another error keyword is Inode 4268653, i_size is 211656, should be 217088. As trial error solution I do fsck in drive which contain error i.e /dev/sda5 using the following,
sudo fsck /dev/sda5
Let's see it works or not, here is the screenshot of my terminal, I choose yes for all options.
fsck screenshot

 After that try,  I boot again and whoa, I still cannot enter to my Ubuntu OS, the error message said; sulogin: cannot open password database. By some googling, I found an article by geek in to copy passwd, shadow and gshadow file from /etc/ in other Ubuntu or boot via CD or FDD, I tried those tricks and continued by booting process in my Ubuntu OS.

Now, the error message has gone, but I only entered the text mode only, without ability to acces x window, or graphical mode. 

Then, I did my faults. I copy all file from /etc/ in bootable Ubuntu FDD to my/etc in hard disk.  It caused a new error message. What's wrong? Now a new error message appeared again after some bootings; sytem run in low-graphic mode. Although I ever experiencing this kind of problem, but at this time it is unsolved with my previous solution explained in this page. The only solution is to do new installation of Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS. 

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