Friday, September 28, 2012

Solving LAN wired connection of Lenovo G580 on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Download the alx driver from the following link: compat-wireless-2012-05-10-p.tar.bz2 
  2. Extract the driver file with the command,
    tar -xvf compat-wireless-2012-07-03-p.tar.bz2
  3. Change directory to extracted folder
    cd compat-wireless-2012-05-10-p
  4. Run the following command,
    scripts/driver-select alx 
  5. Run command
    sudo make 
  6. Run command
    sudo make install 
  7. Make the driver work, it's done!
    modeprobe alx 
It may works not only on Ubuntu OS, but also on other Linux distribution including Ubuntu derivative (Linux Mint, Blankon) and RPM-based OS. Just change the command in appropriate way.
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