Monday, September 24, 2012

Synchronize Firefox on Ubuntu

To make easier surfing on the internet, there is a simple way to keep what you browsed in another PC to other PCs or devices (tablet and phone). However, when I trying to sync my firefox using tool --> sync, nothing happens in my Ubuntu 32 bit, emachine laptop. On the other laptop, lenovo G580 running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, it works. The sync window appear but I can pair it. To solve the sync problem on firefox under Ubuntu, type the address below on firefox which cannot show sync window.

And click sync button in the bottom as show in the following screenshot.

Then, if you already have and account, just pair (connect) it to your another device.

Insert the nine digits code shown on three boxes to another three boxes on another PC. It finished, you copied your firefox data like password, bookmark and your other internet activities to you new PC.

Now, Firefox make sync more easily. The image above is revised as Firefox 52.0.2

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