Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blogging Style: 3p + 1i

Reading Jono Bacon's post in his blog about three point blogging, I am totally agree with this idea. He argued by keeping our writing shortly, it will keep our readers read our article completely. However I proposed minimally one picture as supporting media in our post to gain the readers and I have my own definition with 3 point blogging. So, I call it 3p + 1i. The three points are introduction, main content and conclusion plus one supporting image.

Layout of blogging post with 3p + 1i

In introduction, we introduce the background of our writing. Why we wrote about this topic, what the matter is and how to get solution of the problem. The second point is main content. In this part, we deliver the main writing reflecting title of the post. For example, if the post is about how-to, so the main content is step-by-step to do something. If the post about tips and trick, so the main content is the list. If the content is traveling note, so the main content time-by-time of traveling, what kind of interesting the place is and information about the place. If the post is an idea like this post, the main content tells the main idea itself. In the end of the post, the conclusion closes the blog post by summarizing the passage, influencing the reader or additional alternatives. It also can be how to access the place if the post about traveling, or how to contact someone if the post about invitation. The conclusion part should closed the post without ambiguity and missing information, so the reader can received information worthy without doubt.

Inspired from the Jono's post, twitter and my addition, we should keep blogging simple. Focus on content, not word count. Einstein ever said, If you can't explain it simply, you didn't understand (what you wrote). So, in this last point, I would like to emphasize again; 3p + 1i, 3 point and image. If we can, we wrote it in three paragraph; introduction, main content and conclusion. However, sometimes it is very difficult to tell the whole story just in three paragraphs. More than three is allowed, but we must keep 3p style. By keeping blogging post as simple as possible, we can save our times, resources and energy. This three point blogging (intro, maincont, concl) can be applied in other activity such as speech, presentation and others.

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