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List of Haram Ingredients Foods in Japan

The following is list of ingredients (原材料名) to be noticed in Japan food for Muslim:
  1. Meat 肉 (niku):
    • Pork, 豚肉 (Butaniku )、ポーク (pooku)
    • Beef, 牛肉 (Gyuuniku)、ビーフ (biifu)
    • Chicken, 鶏肉 (Toriniku)、 チッキン (chikin)
    • Bacon, べこん (bekon), ベーコン (bacon)
  2. Meat extract/essence 肉のエキス (Niku no ekisu ):
    • Pork extract, 豚肉エキス (butaniku ekisu)、ポーク
    • Beef extract, 牛肉エキス(gyuuniku ekisu )、ビーフ
    • Chicken extract, 鶏肉エキス (toriniku ekisu)、チッキン
  3. Animal oil 獣脂 (Doubutsu no abura):
    • Lard/Pork fats, ラード (raado) 
    • Pork oil, ラ油 (Rayu )
    • Processing oils and fats, 加工油脂 (kakou yushi ) --> there is a possibility processing oil is made from animal. Usually it is used in cake, noodle, bread and mayonnaise
  4. Made from animal, 動物由来 (Doubutsu yurai no shokuryou):
    • Gelatin, ゼラチン (zerachin), usually it exits on ice cream, pudding, most of gelatin in Japan is made from pork, so it is haram.
    • Margarine マーガリン (maagarin), usually it exits on cake, bread. It needs to be asked what it is made from (plant or animal).
    • Nyuukazai, 乳化財 , usually it exists on bread chocolate, cake, ice cream and bread. It needs to be asked what it is made from (animal or plant). Based on [2], many nyuukazai in Japan are halal.
    • Butter  バター (Bata) , it needs to be asked what it is made from (plant or animal).
    • Lechitin,  レシチン (Resichin), usually it exists on bread, cake, chocolate. It needs to be asked what it is made from (animal or plant).
    • Shortening , ショートニング (Shoutoningu). Usually exists on cake, bread and chocolate. It needs to be asked what it is made from (animal or plant). According to [3], most modern shortening are made from (hydrogenated) vetetable oil.
    • Jelly/Gelatin dessert- ぜり (zeri). In Japan most, most of gelatin was made from pork.. Usually it exists on pudding, cake and bread.
    • Tanpaku kasuibunkaibutsu (たんぱく加水分解物): protein matter which can be made from soybean, wheat, corn, but it also can be made from cow, pig, chicken and other.
  5. Alcohol,アルコール (Arukohoru ), リキュール  (liqueur). Usually it exist on ketchup, acid, dessert and mixing fruits.
    • Sake 酒 : 洋酒 (youshu), 酒精 (shusei), 酒糟 (sakekasu), 焼酎(しょうちゅう:shouchuu):
      • western liquor : 洋酒 
      • Alcohol : 酒精 
      • Sake lees : 酒糟 , Usually it exist on peel of lumpia, gyouza, cake,  jelly, pudding, biscuit, nabe, sushi and others. 
    • Wine ワイン (Wain), Usually it exist on chocolate, jelly and hot cake. 
    • Lamb sake, ラム酒 ( Ramu sake). Usually it exists on jelly, pudding or cake. 
    • Red sake, みりん (Mirin). Usually it exits on Japanese food and snack. miso, etc. 
    • Brandy, ブランデー (Burandii). Usually it exist on biscuit.
    • Liqueur/liquor,  リキュール (rikyuru) . Usually it exist in ice cream, anin-doufu + fruits.
    • Hakkouchoumiryou (発酵調味料:はっこうちょうみりょう), fermentation of seasoning spices (Commonly it consist of: grapes, rice, sweetener, alcohol, salt, etc). Usually it exists on sauce, tsuyu, , etc.
  6. Consome コンソメ (konsome):
    • ビーフコンソメ (beef consome): Usually exist on potato chips 
    • チッキン コンソメ (chicken consome): Usually exist potato chips  
    • コンソメパウダー (powder consome) 
  7. Cake material:
    • vanila oil (made from alkohol) 
    • baking powder (acid tartar was made from sake),  usually exists on hot cake and tempura flour
    • yeast/ragi (it contains nyuukazai) 
    • Note: If in ingredients was found 乳化剤 (nyuukazai = emulsifer), ショートニング (shortening), (マーガリン) margarin, (バター) butter/mentega, lemak/minyak (食用油脂), it needs to be asked what it is made from (plant or animal). Because there is any possibility the materials came plant or  animal (milk,  egg, fish, shell and other), So insyaAllah it can be consumed. Todays, many food companies uses nyuukazai and shortening from plant [3]. If in ingredients was found 乳化剤 (大豆由来) or ショートニング (大豆由来), it means nyuukazai and shortening was derived from soybean . The oil,  食用油脂 (パーム油) means palm oil.
  8. Others:
    • Pork-cutlet カツ, haram, because it's made from pork
    • Vinegar is halal because firstly made from grapes [2]
    • Soy sauce, しょうゆ/しょう油/醤/油正油, can be halal or haram. As long as it didn't contains alcohol, it can be consumed [2]
The shortlist in image format can be downloaded here,

[1] (expired on May 2013)
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